Over a year of admittedly rather slow development is thrown together in release 1.0 of Direct Ascent! Dodge asteroids, space junk and more in this rocket-based vertical endless runner!

In the next week or so, the game will be put up on Google Play, the game's website will be updated, and a few other things will happen like giving the trailer although it'll probably be done a bit later.

Anyway, enjoy playing this game and consider giving some feedback along the way. Since this update won't be the last update for Direct Ascent, good feedback will for sure make a better game!

Well, anyway I'll stop ranting and let you download the game because also in a little while (an indefinite time because the IRS is not known for their speed lol), the game will start costing money to download ($5)! Enjoy dodging and I'll see you soon.

Get Direct Ascent - The Rocket Runner


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Woohoo! Congrats man!! (:


Thanks! Since you've helped so much with making Direct Ascent by reviewing it, when it costs money I'll give you a free download key!

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Wow, that's awesome! Thanks so much! ^-^


No problem, I should be thanking you!


Pff, no, you did all the work. I'm just happy I could help! 


Thanks! However, you shouldn't downplay just how helpful someone reviewing your game is for its creator. It gives them not just help on what they should do next for their game, but also motivation. Nothing is better than me checking itch and someone gave a good review for my game. I can never give enough thanks to you for being the first person to review my game. Good luck with your next games, you deserve it!