It's been a month since the previous snapshot was released, and I've been busy. Specifically, I've been working on a boss fight. And finally, the first third of the boss fight is done. Fortunately, the final two thirds should take much shorter as I'll not have to write like 750 lines of code to just make the boss fight be able to be winnable. At the end of the week, two thirds of the boss fight should be done, but I can't completely guarantee that. But, hopefully, my prediction should prevail. For now though, enjoy using a magnet to shoot stuff at a robot-infested Dragon capsule.


  • After completing Cosmic Calamity, you go to a cutscene where you find a Dragon capsule that is infested by robots. It detects you, blows off its heat shield, pulls out a camera to verify that you're an enemy, dispenses a magnet to lose weight, and flies away.
  • When the cutscene ends, you go to a boss fight with this Dragon capsule with the magnet equipped. Enjoy dodging the objects he throws at you, but one of them might stick to your magnet for you to be able to shoot back at him... (press space or click with something equipped to shoot it)
  • Temporarily (to let people try out the boss fight) you start in Cosmic Calamity when you first play and go almost immediately to the boss fight
  • Minor tweaks
  • Bug fixes (and additions the boss fight's broken in some places lol)
  • And more!

Well, that's about it for this snapshot! Next snapshot will include ways to heal in the boss fight, a second phase of the boss fight, and more! Until then, have fun with your new robot enemies! They might play a major role in my next game... :)


Direct Ascent - Windows 1.0.0-sn092120 42 MB
33 days ago
Direct Ascent - Mac 1.0.0-sn092120 42 MB
33 days ago
Direct Ascent - Linux 1.0.0-sn092120 44 MB
33 days ago
Direct Ascent - Android 1.0.0-sn092120 38 MB
33 days ago

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I played your game on my youtube channel if you fancy checking it out.

Sorry for you starting in level 5 - here's a version where that doesn't start you on level 5 as I was testing the boss fight then and accidentally left it in the release of the game! You don't need to make a new video about it (you can if you want, but no pressure), but here's a proper version of the game: