Usually, black holes will suck you in towards them. However, in Monday's snapshot, the new area that was supposed to have black holes in it might just have replaced them with cardboard spinny billboards. This snapshot aims to change said cardboard spinny billboards into real, authentic black holes that actually pull you in and cool stuff like that.



  • Black holes now pull you in and do cool spinny stuff to you to make it hard to get away from them without taking damage
  • They also do double damage
  • Some neutron stuff is fixed, and I'll probably make some changes over the next few snapshots
  • You are invincible for around two and a half seconds when you get damaged or regenerate health (by filling up your wrench with money) - this allows for animations to finish, for you to not get damaged immediately after you get to full health, and so that a neutron star falling on top of you in the right way is not sometimes instant death
  • The points required to meet your high score in the game over screen now show properly, yay subtraction works its almost like its supposed to
  • Minor (and major) tweaks that I've just forgotten
  • Quite a few bug fixes


Aaaaand that's about it. Enjoy buying new keyboards as you get smashed by black holes and proceed to smash your own keyboard!

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