PRE-RELEASE Friday, FULL RELEASE Monday! Direct Ascent 0.6.0, the PROGRESSION Update

Hello and welcome to a new Direct Ascent, a much more progressive and more fun game than ever before! This release is the last major release before the full release of the game, 1.0.0. :)

Although I said that the full relase of 0.6.0 would be July 1, I want to do most of my releases on Monday, and pre-releases Friday. Sooo... that's what I'm gonna do!

Enjoy the pre-release on Friday - which will be mostly complete - and the full release on Monday, which will be all the way complete!

Get Direct Ascent - The Vertical Endless Runner with Rockets


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Breath it in... 

*Deep inhale*

the last moments before full release. Smells like victory.


Indeed! This release is gonna be more of an end-of-the-day release, but I'm certainly on track to release it today! :)