The FIRST 0.6.0 Snapshot - Rocket COOLDOWN! (Snapshot 0.6.0-sn071320)

As Monday rolls into our lives, so does a new Direct Ascent snapshot! This one includes a couple features from the roadmap, and a bug fix that makes the game so much more playable.


  • Rockets can only be used once every three deaths - e.g. if you choose a rocket to fly, you can only fly it again three deaths later
  • The title screen rocket selector has been redesigned. Soon there'll be another snapshot to redesign the respawn rocket selector
  • Fixed one of the most major bugs in Direct Ascent where wrapping around could make you completely go off the screen. This makes me so happy

And that's it for this snapshot! Small, but slowly implementing everything on that roadmap plus more.



Direct Ascent - Windows 0.6.0-sn071320 39 MB
69 days ago
Direct Ascent - Mac 0.6.0-sn071320 40 MB
69 days ago
Direct Ascent - Linux 0.6.0-sn071320 35 MB
69 days ago
Direct Ascent - Android 0.6.0-sn071320 43 MB
69 days ago

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