It's that time! The prerelease of the Ability Update, which (obviously) revamps abilities, is here! A full changelog will be written once the full release comes out. However, here are this prerelease's features:

  • The Delta IV has a new ability! Pressing space will start a flame that will engulf any obstacles that are crazy enough to try and destroy you!
  • Unfortunately, Congress hates spontaneous combustion and forced the rocket's designers to put one of those stupid fire extinguishers in the rocket. So, the rocket will extinguish itself after 20 or so seconds and will take quite some time to dry off. Obviously, you can't light it on fire then...
  • I made some small tweaks to things. You probably won't notice them as I've forgotten about them already. Yay memory
  • I improved my flyswatter and squashed some bugs. Again, I've forgotten all of them because of my amazingly forgetful memory. Now that I think about it, I should probably shop for a new memory. I've heard they sell them cheap on Ebay.

Well, that's it for this prerelease! Enjoy burning stuff with your Delta IV!

(By the way, I still have a few things to do with the Delta's ability. So if anything seems incomplete, don't let me hear your yells from the other side of the galaxy.)


Direct Ascent - Windows 0.5.0-pre 36 MB
9 days ago
Direct Ascent - Mac 0.5.0-pre 36 MB
9 days ago
Direct Ascent - Linux 0.5.0-pre 40 MB
9 days ago

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