A new Lighting Engine, Space Shuttle Ability and More! (Snapshot sn061620)

It's a (nearly) new week, so here's a new snapshot! Sorry for it taking so long; there were twice as many roadblocks as I expected, such as the lighting engine rendering everything black, seperate cameras not working anymore in 2D mode, and having to redesign the Space Shuttle ability only to have Inkscape crash no less than fifteen times. Anyway, here's a changelog of what I did!

  • Added the Space Shuttle ability - it is able to open its cargo bay and reveal a satellite that automatically collects money for you
  • Upgraded the lighting engine - things should look a bit better and be a little less performance-intensive
  • Added post processing to the title screen as well as the UI
  • Minor changes
  • Lots of bug fixes, including:
    • Being able to activate your ability during the launch sequence
    • The space shuttle being able to infinitely produce boosters without cooldown (because the booster ability was removed)
    • Money text sometimes saying "Bn" instead of "Ad"
    • And more, but my brain that totally definitely can remember everything I did in this snapshot didn't remember. Yay!

Well, that's it! Enjoy your auto money collection!

EDIT: There's a bug where the money collection ability has no cooldown. There will be a patch for that released tomorrow.


Direct Ascent - Windows 0.5.0_sn061620 35 MB
20 days ago
Direct Ascent - Mac 0.5.0_sn061620 36 MB
20 days ago
Direct Ascent - Linuz 0.5.0_sn061620 39 MB
20 days ago

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