The First Snapshot of 0.5.0 - Released! (Version 0.5.0-sn052820)


As promised, here is a snapshot release of 0.5.0, which lays the groundwork for the Ability Update, along with a few bug fixes and optimizations. Expect another snapshot coming out on Monday that has a bit more groundwork.


  • Infinite ability regeneration for N-1, SLS and Falcon Heavy
  • Version checker has been rewritten to no longer use deprecated code, and can distinguish between a snapshot, pre-release and full release.
  • Bug fix: Saturn V turbo ability no longer always sets the music to the Satellite Skirmish music, and is instead area-specific

Well, that's all. Overall a pretty small snapshot, but bit by bit 0.5.0 will come together. Next Friday, hopefully I'll get some new abilities in.

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