Progress Update 1 - Ability Revamp Start!

Hello! I've decided to give you a progress update on what I've done in Direct Ascent's development. So, here you go!

1. Ability Revamp (In Progress)

As foreshadowed by the update I'm working on being called the Ability Update, this update will include a revamp of abilities. Currently I am working on boosters and explosions.

Now, instead of limited uses for the booster and first stage explosion abilities, there's just a cooldown and then you can do the abilities again. The Falcon Heavy has a 20 second cooldown, Space Launch System a 30 second cooldown, and the N-1 also a 30 second cooldown. Since Falcon Heavy and SLS are the only rockets that are going to have the booster ability in the upcoming update, I'm not going to bother setting booster cooldowns for all the other rockets. So, there you have it. Infinite abilities for all your ability needs.

2. N-1 Particle Systems Redesign

Let's face it. The N-1 has some pretty bad engine exhaust, and its explosion effect doesn't really fit with the art style of the game. So, I decided to redesign those to fit. The first stage explosion uses a green version of the obstacle shattering particle system, and the engine thrust has a lot more movement to it.

Well, that's all I've done for the past couple of days. 0.5.0 is progressing much faster than I at first anticipayed, and I look forward to get the Delta IV's ability done by next week!


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