0.4.0-pre has been released!


A pre-release to version 0.4.0 of Direct Ascent, the Interstellar Update, has been released! This update, as said in my announcement post a couple days ago, adds a new area, Interstellar Incident, along with more sounds, a rocket starting animation, a couple tweaks to advancing in levels, respawning at the area you died at, and more!

This pre-release may have a few bugs in it, which is why it's a pre-release as opposed to a full release. You can report those bugs in the new discussion board here. Also, there is no music for Interstellar Incident. Depending on when it's finished, it will be added in the full release or 0.4.1.

Share your feedback in the discussion board as well, and I look forward to seeing an avalanche of people saying that I broke the whole game by forgetting to add a component to something, and I also hope that you're as excited as I am to do the full release of version 0.4.0.

You can expect the full release in a week or so as I squash all of the bugs that have snuck into this pre-release. Have a good day, and enjoy the pre-release!


Direct Ascent - Windows 0.4.0-pre 34 MB
17 days ago
Direct Ascent - Mac 0.4.0-pre 36 MB
17 days ago
Direct Ascent - Linux 0.4.0-pre 40 MB
17 days ago

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