Getting Very Close to 0.4.0


Today I want to talk to you about the progress towards 0.4.0, the Interstellar Update.

This update adds a new area, Interstellar Incident, implements a new starting animation to the start, makes a few tweaks to things like respawning and advancing to the next area, does some more post-processing magic to give a layer of depth to the game, and more!

The things I still need to work on are as follows: finishing up all the polish, adding music to the Interstellar Incident area, and trying to squash a couple of bugs that have evaded me since day one.

A pre-release version will come out on Wednesday, so I can get feedback on the content before I release the full version.

It may take a bit of time for the area's music to be made, so it's likely that it will be added in 0.4.1.

Post your thoughts, bugs, suggestions, and the like on the new discussion forum on the itch page.

Enjoy the Wednesday update!


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