Direct Ascent 0.3.0 Released - The Variety Update

Hi everyone!

Sorry for not getting an update down for a very long time. I've been sick, had schoolwork, and other shenanigans that have delayed my progress on this update.

However, I've finished this update and I've been so excited! The addictiveness factor has increased by about 10.

Why? It's in the update's name. Variety. There's three astroids now, and that's just the beginning.

You start out in the level called "Kessler Syndrome." There, space junk falls from the sky (?). It has the trademark music that used to always play.

Then, you reach the level "Asteroid Ambush." It features three types of asteroids. One is small, one is medium, and the last is large.

Finally (for now), you reach "Comet Catastrophe." Comets zoom across the screen, like everything before it, but they also have a little bit of horizontal speed as well, making it extra tricky to avoid the comets. Itch is being wierd and won't let me put an image of Comet Catastrophe here, but you can see it if you get the game... *wink* *wink*




Direct Ascent - Windows 0.3.0 33 MB
99 days ago
Direct Ascent - Mac 0.3.0 35 MB
99 days ago
Direct Ascent - Linux 0.3.0 39 MB
99 days ago

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