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Direct Ascent - The Vertical Endless Runner

Get a high score and collect lots of money with this rocket-based vertical endless runner · By HoneyFun


Recent updates

The First Snapshot of 0.5.0 - Released! (Version 0.5.0-sn052820)
Hello! As promised, here is a snapshot release of 0.5.0, which lays the groundwork for the Ability Update, along with a few bug fixes and optimizations. Expect...
Periodic Snapshots of 0.5.0 to be Released!
Hello! Since I'm certain I'm not going to be completely sure about quite a few features that I implement, I've decided to release periodic snapshots of the game...
Progress Update 1 - Ability Revamp Start!
Hello! I've decided to give you a progress update on what I've done in Direct Ascent's development. So, here you go! 1. Ability Revamp (In Progress) As foreshad...
The Full Release of 0.4.0, the Interstellar Update is Out!
After a pre-release a couple of days ago, the full release of Direct Ascent 0.4.0, the Interstellar Update has came out! With it is a couple of bug fixes that b...
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0.4.0-pre has been released!
Hello! A pre-release to version 0.4.0 of Direct Ascent, the Interstellar Update, has been released! This update, as said in my announcement post a couple days a...
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A Correction
Remember how I used to say that I would post things often and you should check every single page often to get the latest updates? I need to correct that stateme...
Getting Very Close to 0.4.0
Hello! Today I want to talk to you about the progress towards 0.4.0, the Interstellar Update. This update adds a new area, Interstellar Incident, implements a n...
Direct Ascent 0.3.0 Released - The Variety Update
Hi everyone! Sorry for not getting an update down for a very long time. I've been sick, had schoolwork, and other shenanigans that have delayed my progress on t...
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