Save Game: Working!!!

Finally! Save Game is working!

I downloaded an asset from the Unity Asset Store and it did me well, but it didn't help with something that needed to be [WARNING: Techy stuff here] serialized, so I made a new class, made a few functions that made it return a Vector3/Quaternion. But the save game asset couldn't save that class, so I needed to make my own custom save system. [End of techy stuff.]

It worked, but now you can only make one instance of a save file. A future update will introduce multiple Cube Capture instances. I also made a new Cube Capture logo on the title screen. :) Do you like it?

Just wait a couple of weeks and Cube Capture will be out. Until next time!

Get [INCOMPLETE, NOT WORKING] Cube Capture 0.2.6 (Pre-Alpha)