Took a little break

Sorry guys, for the huge delay of when I said I'd release 0.3.0 and when it will actually happen.

You see, I got a little annoyed at something the CubeTuber was doing, so I decided too take a break and make a Minecraft mod. And so far I've gotten to version 1.1 of my mod, so if any one wants to download it, I have a link to it along with a world with a city I'm currenly building in minecraft, LightningTown. Here is the link: Again, sorry for the long wait. Will finish Cube Capture 0.3.0 ASAP and then take a little break, release a small update, and prepare us for the update 0.4.0, the Mirage Mountains update!

Get [INCOMPLETE, NOT WORKING] Cube Capture 0.2.6 (Pre-Alpha)

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