If your Charged Cupoo blows up, no worries! Your Magnet can put them back together again.

My progress so far on the Save the Cubes Update - 

  1. The Pepper Palms CubeTuber is firing at you.
  2. The enterance to the Frozen Forest is complete and 1/3 of it is partially finished.
  3. The (I promise) last Day and Night cycle has been added. It's beautiful.
  4. Oh, and some new water. And more effects. I think you'll like it. Of course, the graphics requirements have certainly been bumped up...
  5. A World Managment System. Now Cube Capture won't get super-laggy in five minutes.
  6. Finally, the Save Game system is nearly all complete. I just need to find out how to load your position and save the objects around you.

Get [INCOMPLETE, NOT WORKING] Cube Capture 0.2.6 (Pre-Alpha)

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