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Gif of the week
Here's a gif of the week. I've been working on the Cubritory and here is my first attempt at buying a jetpack...
Save Game: Working!!!
Finally! Save Game is working! I downloaded an asset from the Unity Asset Store and it did me well, but it didn't help with something that needed to be [WARNING...
Cube Capture Progress
Well, it's been a good 3 days of working nonstop on Cube Capture. Here are some highlights of those days. Photo 1: Mountain range added to the second area of th...
Took a little break
Sorry guys, for the huge delay of when I said I'd release 0.3.0 and when it will actually happen. You see, I got a little annoyed at something the CubeTuber was...
If your Charged Cupoo blows up, no worries! Your Magnet can put them back together again. My progress so far on the Save the Cubes Update - The Pepper Palms Cu...
Up until 4:00 pm MT tommorow
Hello, Cube Capture will be up for a night and until 4:00 pm MT on Monday to see how it does. Since Cube Capture is incomplete, you might be a little dissapoint...
Cube Capture Controls
RMB (Right Mouse Button): Magnet things in LMB (Left Mouse Button): Shoot things out. People may be dissapointed that you can not shoot things high into the sky...

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