A downloadable better butler app for Windows

ButlerGUI is an add-on to butler which allows you to be able to use its tools - without using a command line or environment variables. All you have to do is download the itch app and this.

But I'm not completely finished. I still have to add support for the butler executables downloaded without the itch app. Sorry, but you have to have the itch app right now for this app. Plus, the GUI isn't too good. Sorry!

Note: By the way, I know this works. I used ButlerGUI to upload its own .exe to this site.

Bug:  You can not use this (yet) to upload things like .jar files. Will be fixed soon.

Install instructions

Just open it with the itch app. You'll see a "Welcome" screen. Click "Start Uploading," and you will find yourself with the upload settings. A known bug is when you click the "Upload!" button and it opens a box that says uploading, then it does not say "Build Uploaded! Please wait a few minutes."


ButlerGUI Windows 349 kB
Version 2 May 12, 2018


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Than you very much. I just tested it and it worked flawlessly.

Thank you! :)